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  • 5 Tips For Finding The Best Used Car

    4/24/2017 2:58:25 PM - by Auto Growl
    Buying a used car is a wise decision. It is often the most economical option, and with the right precautions, you can enjoy this car for years to come. You are not alone in your decision to buy used, as certified pre-owned vehicle sales reached a record high of 2.6 million units last year. Before you go hunting for the best used cars for sale, be sure to know the following tips to get the most out of buying used vehicles.
    1. Research the car's history. A pre-owned vehicle dealership should have documents showing a car's accident history and other details of its past. You want to make sure that the previous owner or dealership is not covering up any major damage and repairs that have been done. Air on the side of skepticism to make sure you are getting the best deal.
    2. Stick to your budget. Make sure you choose a budget upfront and try not to stray from it. While a dealer might try to sell you on a more expensive model, remember that you are in control. Be sure to decide how far you are willing to stray from your budget ahead of time.
    3. Know how to negotiate. If you happen to find a perfect car that is out of your price range, try your hand at negotiation. With the right technique, you might be able to get the price down to a better rate. Know when to stop though, as you don't want to push too hard and lose the deal.
    4. Weigh your options. While it might be tempting to snag the first car you find, be patient and test drive other cars as well. You don't want to be left without other options if the first car you like ends up having problems. The car dealer will be able to recommend other models.
    5. Ask questions. You want to make sure you have all necessary information when buying a used vehicle. Make sure to be as thorough as possible when asking questions about a certain car or about the process in general.
    By being patient, thorough, and careful, you can avoid scams and drive away with your idea pre-owned vehicle. Try not to compromise on your expectations when searching used cars for sale. Your personal safety and the longevity of your car depend on the quality of the model you choose.
  • Its Ford Truck Month at Fort Dodge Ford

    3/14/2017 7:53:01 PM - by Auto Growl
    With spring around the corner it is also a new award season for the pick up truck you have been looking for.  
    With Ford being in the middle of Ford truck month there is no better time to purchase now.  We will discuss the awards Ford F150 has picked up and continued to be on top of its class.  

    Ford F150 Raptor -

    This vehicle won best in class by Cars.com for best pick-up truck in 2017

    Edmunds.com  gave the Ford F150 the award for the most wanted pick up truck in the industry

    Along with Autobytel.com  they gave the Ford F150  the award of the Buyers Choice Full Size Truck Award

    Not only has the Ford F150  won multiple awards year after year, it has been the top selling truck year in and year out  

    Come see us today at Fort Dodge Ford .  The full service dealership.  

  • 2017 Escape - Fort Dodge

    1/25/2017 10:43:55 AM - by Auto Growl

    With more consumers choosing crossovers and SUVs, the 2017 Ford Escape is taking over market share
     With the segment expected to continue growing over the next several years, Ford has made some key changes to the Escape for the 2017.

    The 5-passenger  2017 Ford Escape comes in models of Escape S, Escape SE, and Escape Titanium models. All-wheel drive is there for Escape SE and Escape Titanium. Some other available features include navigation, HD and satellite radio, Bluetooth with audio streaming, push-button start, tow package, panoramic sunroof. On the inside, the Ford Escape has been reviewed to have a dynamically bold interior that is contoured, and heavily styled. It makes other compact crossovers drab or lack luster.

    If you are looking for a crossover with interior room, The Escape offers nearly two inches more knee and legroom than its counterparts, and there is plenty of headroom in the rear. Ford has taken into consideration of convenience for its customers, the rear hatch can be opened by swinging a foot beneath the bumper, as the fob remains in your pocket or purse.

    If you are considering the 2017 Ford Escape for your next vehicle, stop in Fort Dodge Ford we would be able to answer any questions and assist you .  Fort Dodge Ford Your Full Service Family Store
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