Front-line and essential workers can get The Works®, courtesy of FordPass Rewards.

The Works* includes a Synthetic Blend Oil Change, Tire Rotation, Vehicle Checkup and more, at participating dealerships and Quick Lane® Tire & Auto Center locations.

You must be a current or new FordPass Rewards member to get this offer.** 

                       Schedule now

Schedule and complete The Works by June 30 and it's on us.

1. Verify

Make sure your job qualifies from the categories listed below.

2. Schedule your service

Be sure to bring proof of employment with you (name tag, badge/ID, business card, pay stub with your name and company name/address, or the government letter stating your essential worker status).

Check with your dealer about potential service hour changes and pickup and delivery options.



Claim by June 30

Not ready for an oil change? Claim The Works to use at a later date, on us.

1. Verify

Make sure your job qualifies from the categories listed below.

2. Scan proof of employment

These include a name tag, badge/ID, business card, pay stub with your name and company name/address, or the government letter stating your essential worker status.

3. Email by June 30

Include your name, email address tied to your FordPass account, zip code and scanned document. Place "ESSENTIAL WORKER" in the subject line.

We will verify your claim and email you when the Points have been added to your account (within two weeks).

Then simply schedule an oil change with a participating dealership when you're ready.


Ford collects proof of essential worker status for determining eligibility and business operation purposes. Please mask any sensitive data.

For more information about our Privacy Policy, including any state specific notice and rights such as "Do Not Sell My Information" where applicable, visit

You may also claim this offer by calling a participating dealership or the Rewards Center at 833-385-0516.

Qualifying job categories:


Including patient care, public health, medical equipment and supplies workers; hospital and lab employees; and researchers, caregivers and therapists.

First Responders

Police officers, firefighters, paramedics, EMTs and employees/team members of the systems that support them.

Food and Agriculture

Employees at grocery and convenience stores, restaurants, and food processing and warehouses, as well as food service and food manufacturing workers and farmers.


Those in the maintenance and distribution of electricity, petroleum, and natural or propane gas.

Water and Sanitation

All employees needed to manage and maintain drinking water as well as drainage infrastructure.

Transportation and Logistics

Those supporting transportation, including dispatchers, drivers, and maintenance and repair technicians. Also includes postal and delivery workers.

Public Workers

All who support the operation and maintenance of essential public works facilities (roads, bridges, traffic signals and systems infrastructure).


All employees responsible for producing materials and products required for medical supply chains and transportation.


Those involved in the installation, distribution and maintenance of communication infrastructures, and IT employees who operate and support command centers.

Government Operations

Critical government workers, as defined by the employer, including elections personnel, building employees, security employees, trade officials, weather forecasters, customs workers and educators.

Financial Services

All employees needed to administer and maintain systems for processing financial transactions and services at banking and lending institutions.

Hazardous Materials

Employees at nuclear facilities who manage medical waste and waste from pharmaceuticals, laboratories processing test kits, and medical material production. Also, those responsible for the cleanup of waste and the maintenance of digital systems infrastructure supporting hazardous materials management operations.


Those who support, manage and maintain the essential services required to meet national security commitments to the federal government and the U.S. military.

Chemical Management

All employees who support chemical and industrial gas supply chains at manufacturing plants, labs and distribution facilities producing hand sanitizers, food/food additives, pharmaceuticals and paper products